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Got some holes on your path to a Wholehearted Marriage?

On your path toward a Wholehearted Marriage, are there planks missing on the boardwalk? These holes can really trip us up! You are not alone — it happens to all of us. Step over or better yet, repair those pesky holes. Keep walking. Joy is just around the bend!

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1. Gain perspective on your problems.
2. Discover where to focus for real change.
3. Learn what will knock down the walls between you.
4. Find the words to pursue your spouse’s heart.
5. Do a reality check on what you expect.

Sharon and Rick Mavis, married over 41 years, are still repairing pesky planks!

“I appreciate the vulnerability and transparency of the Mavises.”
“Now I look at many situations in my marriage from a new perspective that I think may completely change our relationship.”
“You realize you are not alone with some of the issues in your marriage.”
“Even if your marriage is good, this will make it better.”

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